GOOD BEES irrefutable promise of delivering reliable infrastructures / solutions and endearing support will be the key responsibilities that our customers typically entrust with us. We strongly believe in efficient data migration and governance as one of the critical task to optimize your operations, treating your business success as ours has always been our core value proposition in delivering superior service and timely resolution of issues on an on-going basis.

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and realistic actions tailored to our clients. Our friendly staffs are always passionate about making a measurable impact to your dynamic business. We engage suitable stakeholders of an organization, building capabilities to sustain the success....


Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure has become one of the major slice in IT spending for majority of the companies who have enabled-IT for their organizations. From simple computing, Storage & backup, Networking & security, Organizations have a wide spectrum of products to choose from. As a System integrator Good bees Singapore will be able to provide an enormous value to your organization design and build enterprise level network solutions from managing your infrastructure, check any vulnerability in your enterprise infrastructure and Overall support to increase your IT capacity and ensure your service availability which your business relies on.


We are service provider for transformation in the cloud. As we partner with cloud providers, we put our cloud-native expertise to work for your organization; delivering end-to-end enterprise IT infrastructures and applications.

GOOD BEES solution offerings to help enterprises migrate to the cloud, We help customers migrate on-premise Data Center Application workloads to multiple cloud environment using AWS/GCP/Azure Cloud & others.

IT infrastructure has always been one of the significant component of the IT spending, As the cloud helps to cut cost on the hardware appliances, the question isn’t if you should migrate, it’s when - how - by who ?

As a Cloud integrator we apply our significant experience to help you with the strategy, timing and road map, making your journey quick and effortless. Our capability speaks for itself: Transition to the cloud seamlessly.

We’ll ease the transition to a new operating model and culture. You’ll be able to migrate and modernize applications, build new cloud-based apps and transform your infrastructure.

Once you’re up and running, we’ll ensure you maximize value from your cloud investments.

Customer Relationship Management

Our core expertise and focus has been in delivering Web based leading edge CRM solutions, Enterprise BI & Analytics, Structured / unstructured data management services.

We offers enterprise grade solutions that are Cloud based or on premise use that provide support for client acquisition, relationship management, compliance and reporting needs. The solutions we offer will be crafted with the deep expertise around the best practices of the domain in which you operate and plan to excel. We strive to design smart CRM solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and process bottlenecks by understanding your business objectives and strategy in a professional and proficient manner. Customize CRM capabilities to align to your evolving business operations, design smart workflow automation, Integrate process and data with other legacy systems, Setup the right KPI dashboard to support your business trends, etc

Supply the members of your Marketing, Sales, Operations, partners team with the tools to make difference in way they work and make their jobs easier,

You have made the smart decision to use / implement CRM for your organization, , Let’s work together to make the most out of the CRM Data & Capabilities,

Contact Centre

We develop and deploy Contact centre solutions for your organizations and we also work on onshore / Offshore model contact center to fulfill your customer needs,
We take the responsiblity to address your customer support needs, Our Aim is to provide elite support to your customers, be it as Pre Sales or Post sales touch point,

Contact Centre Services

Good Bees closely associated with Sevika Group on Onshore/ Offshore call center services, Our agents are well trained on inbound and outbound call services, who understand the significance of the business and highly adoptable to the clients business priorities, Continuously optimized service quality ensures maximizing satisfaction amongst customers.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Services
  • Call Answering Services ( Voice Support )
  • Help Desk Support
  • Order Taking / Inbound Sales

Business Intelligence

Your organization can have best class enterprise to manage your business with huge amount for organizational data information but it’s very much important for organization to perform analytics and performance report over the data they have Oracle Business intelligence delivers the most robust set of reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard, and scorecard functionality with a rich end-user experience that includes visualization, collaboration, alerts, and more.

With the project objectives being identified and high level business requirements being gathered from the c-level executives, we do consulting on what are the next proven steps for a successful OBIEE implementation

We offer a full end to end implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence